Civil Servants Troll Boris’s New Permanent Secretary

Civil Servants Troll Boris’s New Permanent Secretary

It seems Boris’s post-Partygate reset in No. 10 is hardly off to a flying start. On Saturday The Times revealed Samantha Jones is planning on stripping dozens of senior staff of their desks in No. 10, moving them into the Cabinet Office. The Times reported one Whitehall source saying “No one is happy” and another who said morale among No. 10 staff is at “rock bottom” as staff face this latest shakeup alongside the police investigation.

“Everyone’s focus may be on Ukraine but behind the scenes things are as bad, if not worse than they were before.”

Sam Jones is now trying to turn morale around; for example, a new ‘smiley face system’ has been introduced to allow staff to show how happy they are. Regrettably, Guido’s not making it up.

That’s not all! Jones has also created a new section on the intranet called “Building hurrays!”. This pioneering HR strategy allows staff to leave anonymous praise for colleagues (and, in many cases, Larry the cat). Following Saturday’s Times story – “cack-handed” being another adjective used by Guido’s mole – one staffer quietly added a note of thanks to former legislative affairs head Nikki da Costa, who spent much of the weekend tweeting about how ill-conceived Jones’s idea is:

The trolling staffer wrote that da Costa should be thanked for “consistently speaking up for ordinary, hardworking but oft-ignored staff across No. 10″. It managed to stay up for a few days before someone higher up noticed and took it down…

Guido suspects Downing Street’s post-Partygate reforms might require more thought than just some patronising smiley face buttons if they want to keep the show on the road until the next election…

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