Cleverly Joins Streak of Ministerial Security Breaches

Cleverly Joins Streak of Ministerial Security Breaches

It’s been quite the week for ministerial security lapses – yesterday both Ben Wallace and Priti Patel admitted giving access to pranksters posing as the Ukrainian PM, and on Monday Guido revealed Esther McVey had leaked Saj’s personal phone number on Instagram. Now we can add James Cleverly to this line-up.

Two days ago a video appeared on the TikTok account of abzyy.2k, a young boy whose main output consists of “Uber pranks”, i.e. getting into the back of random people’s cars and pretending they thought it was their Uber ride. Despite the unbelievable chances, the sixth instalment of said prank happened to be on none other than James Cleverly who, understandably, struggled to see the funny side of it. What happened to that debate about MP security after Amess’s murder? 

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