Spring Hair Care Tips For Healthier Hair At Home

There is something so deliciously inviting about Spring, as the yellow daffodils emerge in sun-soaked grass. The breeze is balmy, less biting, and colours emerge, as we break out of our winter funk. We shake off the feelings of blues, that enveloped us so hungrily during grey gloomy days, storm clouds brewing. Instead, the skies are parted, and the sun claws through with renewed vigour. It’s not just the people, animals or environment that comes alive either. It’s the beginning of sun-kissed skin, and frizzy manes, going Hairclubbing at Blade Soho, with cocktails in hand. It’s allowing the sun to course through your hair tendrils, drenching it in love. And yet, you knew that you needed spring hair care tips, to ensure you had healthier hair at home too.

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Whether you straighten your hair, wear a wig, or leave your hair natural, a spring hair care routine is a must.

You tend to your tresses, forgoing your winter hair care routine, in exchange of an updated ritual. You exfoliate your scalp, massaging the tension away, treating your hair like it was the most precious treasure known to humankind. Using a scalp scrub you slough away dirt and oil, taking care to give your hair, the attention it deserved. Though your hair was curly, and prone to oiliness and dryness, the exfoliation helped create healtheir hair at home. There was nourishment too, hair masks smelling like fruits on pampered scalps, serums, oils, and conditioning treatments too, blended to perfection. As far as A was concerned, healthy hair was important, particularly during the spring where the air was humid, the pollution rampant, and the styling products out in full force.

It wasn’t just about the products you were using, but what you put into your body too. It was eating anti-oxidant rich fruits, and vegetables like avocadoes, sweet potatoes, and blueberries, to strengthen the hair. It was about looking after yourself, mentally, and physically, to turn your mane into a crown of success. It didn’t matter whether you were wearing a wig, had clip in or tape in hair extensions, had natural hair, or treated hair. Spring hair care was vital regardless of your hair type. Your hair might be curly, straight, or wavy. It could be oily, dry or combination. The end result was the same. No matter what time of year it was, your hair deserved TLC.

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From getting your hair cut, to refreshing your hair colour, investing in extensions, to a mindful self-care hair routine, spring hair care was fun, and joyful. It was about shaking things up, and trying something new. You would open up the curtains, and brush off winter, the sun gleaming through the windows. It didn’t have to be anything fancy, but even the smallest hair ritual would help you feel better about your hair. For many of us (A included), there was always a love/hate relationship going on. Some days, there would be love, and others there would be hate, tired by our hair, being a royal pain. For A, her hair woes were extensive. Frizzy curly/wavy locks, that were difficult to tame. A tendency to get overly knotty, with dry split ends, but an oily scalp. At times she was frustrated, but with the right hair-care products, and state of mind, she realized that her hair was precious. She, like others should embrace her hair for being unique, accepting its flaws.

So what should you do as part of your spring hair care routine?

Give Yourself A Scalp Massage/ Exfoliate Your Scalp

For A, she had recently discovered the benefits of a scalp massage, exfoliating her scalp, for healthier hair at home. After all, with oily, yet dry hair, she needed a hair self-care ritual, that treated her combination scalp. Though she was not prone to dandruff, her hair still needed a major overhaul. Although she didn’t use styling products, she was aware that dirt, and oil would build up on her scalp, causing irrittaion. The buildup would leave the hair looking dull, which made sense given that scalp buildup clogs hair follicles.

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She was new to hair exfoliation, but she was loving it to so far. Once a week she would use a scalp scrub, or brush to slough away the build-up, while using a clarifying shampoo once a month. It was important that she did not do it anymore than this, as it would strip her hair from its natural oils. Just like the skin on her face, using an exfoliant helped keep her scalp in tip-top shape, removing dead skin cells, excess oils, and impurities. But what would she reccomend? Being cruelty-free she loved Umberto Giannini’s vegan Grow Scrub Scalp Scrub, for exfoliation without stripping the hair. Instead, her hair felt fresh, clean, stimulated, and ready to grow.

Even if she wasn’t using products, she found that a scalp massage was important too. When she was in the shower, she would use her fingertips to gently massage her scalp. Massaging in a circular motion, she would start at the front of her hairline, before working her way towards the back for 60 seconds. The end result? A massage that stimulated the nerves, and blood vessels beneath her scalp, and decreased muscle tension. It would release feel good serotonin, and help relax the nervous system.

Take Your Hair Routine To The Next Level With Hair Oil 

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A always thought that having oily hair, would mean that she didn’t need to use hair oil. After all, it didn’t make sense to add more oil, to hair that was prone to greasiness. It was true that she had dry split ends, but her scalp always got greasy. She found that putting oil in her scalp once per week, helped take her spring hair routine to the next level. Using hair oils would strengthen her mane, and also increase its shine. It would aid in improving scalp health, because it would exfoliate, and nourish the scalp.

She would apply oil on her scalp, and massage using a circular motion, letting its richness soak into her hair. After all oil would protect her hair from regular wear and tear. Reducing hyral fatigue (swelling and drying of hair), the oils even had fatty acids that would help replace lipids in the hair. According to hair experts, lipids helped make the hair look and feel healthy. They helped make A’s hair look shiny, and glossy, even when she was exposed to humid conditions, pollution, or used styling products. Because A’s hair was frizzy, the hair oil helped strengthen the hair shaft, and made her hair less dry. She would leave the oil in overnight, to truly reap its benefits.

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Her personal favourite was By Sarah’s London’s Organic Hair Oil, infused with organic argan oil, sea buckthorn and Vitamin E. She would use it as a leave in conditioner, to leave locks smooth, shiny and beautifully swishable. What’s more, it didn’t just nourish her hair, but it also was a ‘do-good product’. 10% of sales went towards The Little Princess Trust, giving hair, and hope to children with cancer. It was a hair oil, that gave something back, so how could she choose anything else?

Treat Your Mane To A Silky Smooth Hair Mask

When it came to self-care hacks for healthier spring hair, popping on a smooth hair mask, was A’s favourite tip. Why? Because it moisturised her hair to perfection, rich in hydrating oils. Reaching deep into the fibres of the hair, it would restore moisture levels, and keep the hair looking fuller. Given that A had frizzy and curly hair, the mask helped decrease frizziness, tame hair knots, and strengthen her hair. Creating an effective spring hair routine, wouldn’t be complete without a cheeky hair mask. After all, it was a deep conditioning treatment, that boosted her mane into a halo that was worth crowning.

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Though you could make your own hair mask, A preferred to rely on Body Shop’s Shea Intense Repair Hair Mask, infused with vegan silk protein. She would scoop a creamy dollop, and smooth it all over her hair, liberally. It felt like mecca, certifed by The Vegan Society, and made with 95% ingredients of natural ingredients. From handcrafted Community Fairtrade Shea Butter from Ghana, to Community Fairtrade organic virgin coconut oil from Samoa, the hair mask felt glorious. It wasn’t just that it made her hair feel nourished, but it also helped prevent against hair damage and breakage.

At times when she had run out of the shea hair mask, she would whip a quick mask to hydrate her hair, particularly during spring when her hair got dry. She would use banana, coconut oil, and agave syrup, to maintain healthy and happy hair. But how often should you apply a hair mask? For those with oily hair like A, once a week was best. However, if you had dry and damaged hair, two or three times a week would work. Because A had combination hair, she stuck to once a week, which helped create an easy spring hair routine.

Switch Up Your Shampoo And Conditioner

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Because A was cruelty-free, for a while she struggled to find hair products that matched her needs. All too often she was choosing shampoos that were weighing her hair down, and left her hair feeling dry and brittle. But now, she was able to spring clean her hair, because she had found the right shampoo, and conditioner for her hair type. Her oily hair needed lightweight hair products, but it was hard finding shampoos and conditioners that did not leave A’s hair feeling limp. She needed to find a shampoo that would help restore balance, without making her hair too oily or too dry.

Umberto Giannini had come to save the day once more. She loved their sulphate free Curl Jelly Wash Shampoo, designed for natural waves, and curls. With a gentle, cleansing formula, it defined curls, added bounce, and softened hair, without weighing it out down. Free from silicone or parabens, it was infused with Vitamin B5, for soft, and moisturised hair. Because it was free from sulphates, it meant that the shampoo did not strip A’s hair of its nourishing natural oils.

The Curl Jelly Care De-Frizz Vegan Conditioner, was just as special. With a de-frizz formula that added moisture, built bounced, and detangled her curly frizzy hair, it was a godsend. With weightless conditioning, it enhanced the shape of her curls, and was also sulphate-free. Cruelty-free, it was best followed with the Curl Scrunching Jelly, for bouncy, defined and glossy curls. The UK’s best selling curl jelly, it combated manageability, with a medium hold, defining frizz control gel.

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Eat Food That Is Rich In Nutrients For Healthy Spring Hair Care

Though A knew that good hair products would be vital to a spring hair care routine, diet was just as important. It wasn’t just about taking hair vitamins, but putting nutrients into your body too. It was about choosing the right food and drink, to give your hair the VIP treatment that it deserves. From stocking up on leafy greens, to sweet potatoes, hair-friendly foods exist in abundance. For A, Avocadoes, Spinach, sweet Potatoes, and Brazil nuts were her favourite savoury pick-me ups for healthier hair, while strawberries, blueberries, and oranges gave her hair life as well.

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For starters, Avocadoes were a great source of biotin, and had potassium and magnesium which helped hair look smooth and shiny, while preventing breakage. On the other hand, sweet potatoes helped nourish A’s dry split ends. High in Vitamin A, it would boost the scalp’s natural oils, sealing the moisture, and promoting hair growth. Sweet potatoes also had Omega-3 fatty acids, which would add lustre by nourishing your hair follicles. Brazil nuts were pretty special as well, high in selenium which could boost hair growth.

As for fruit, blueberries in particular helped rejuvanate hair. Blueberries helped stimulate the hair follicles, boosting hair growth, and was high in Vitamins A, B5, C and E, for an antioxidant blend. One of A’s favourite recipes to improve her hair, was a kale and avocado salad, paired with blueberries, tomatoes, pomnegranates, olive oil, and hemp seeds. She would pair this with a strawberry and banana smoothie, and a mexican scramble, for a protein packed lunch, that left her, and her hair feeling gloriously sheeny. Lentil Chilli’s and Sweet Potato and Spinach Curries, were another favourite for hair satisfaction.

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What Spring Hair Care Tips Do You Swear By?


Please note this is a collaborative post, but all thoughts are my own and are not affected by monetary compensation.


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