CCHQ Makes Ben Wallace PM

CCHQ Makes Ben Wallace PM

Ben Wallace’s showing during the Ukraine crisis has certainly upped his odds as next PM with the bookies, and he’s currently polling as the most popular cabinet member with the Tory grassroots. While he’s publicly said he’s not interested in the job – “to be Defence Secretary is just an amazing thing… I am not really attracted to anything else other than that” – it seems the digital team over at CCHQ have different plans. A co-conspirator spotted this graphics cock-up while scrolling the party’s homepage…

That the CCHQ graphics team have wrongly promoted a cabinet minister should come as little surprise, given they previously made Chris Grayling party chairman for 27 seconds. More recently, Guido spotted the team had accidentally used a picture of York while announcing the new treasury campus in Darlington. Can you tell they’ve just lost their head of press and the comms director is on holiday? 

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