Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner Review

PR Sample – I was sent the Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner free of charge to help with this review.

Are you looking for a new hoover? Do you want an upright vacuum that is both lightweight and steerable? Are you also looking for something that is specifically made to help allergy sufferers? Then the Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner could be the perfect choice for you.


Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner Box and Vacuum

Hoover has a history of over 100 years and was originally founded by William Henry Hoover. Today they look to produce products that use the latest technologies.

Much of the technology featured in their appliances has been created to help improve people’s quality of life. For instance, many of their vacuum cleaners include HEPA filters which help to capture allergens. This in fact gives a nod to the original creator of the vacuum cleaner; James M. Spangler, who suffered from asthma.

Today Hoover is part of the Haier Europe group, one of the world leaders in household appliances.

Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner

Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner Close Up Test

If you are looking for a new hoover to help you get ahead in spring cleaning season. Then this could be the vacuum you have been looking for.

The Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner is one of the lightest, steerable corded vacuums on the market coming in at just under 5kg. In fact, it offers an 80-degree swivel which allows you to manoeuvre around furniture with ease. While getting up close to walls is easy, as seen in the photo above.

Anti Allergy

However, perhaps one of the most impressive features of the Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner is the fact it helps clear your home of allergens. This particular model features the H13 HEPA Filter, which is perfect for allergy sufferers. A H13 filter catches a large amount of fine dust that can be missed by other vacuums and is one of the highest grade filters on the market. On top of this it takes advantage of Advanced Multi-Cyclonic Technology, which offers advanced dust separation, which means everyday dirt is pushed away from the filter, allowing it to stay clean for longer. 

The use of both these features can help make a huge improvement to the purity of the air in your home. As such being a huge help to people who struggle with allergies inside the home.

What’s more, the HEPA filter is completely washable and easy to access to do so on the Hoover. Meaning you can also know your family is well cared for.

Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner Close Up of Base

This particular version of the Upright 300 comes with a crevice and dusting tool, meaning it is also easy to use all around the home. To reach upstairs or those frequently occurring cobwebs in the corners, it is simple. All you need to do is detach the hose from the base and attach a cleaning tool of your choice. Overall (including tools) a total reach of 10.6m is achievable.

You can also change the settings to work with the surface you are hoovering. With a carpet / hard floor switch on the base, and an on-off switch for the roller.

My Thoughts on Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner

Personally, I was really impressed with this vacuum. From the moment it was delivered, I remember remarking about how light it felt as I had to get it in.

The packaging it is sent in is mostly (if not completely) recyclable. Most of it consists of cardboard, with the tools and handle wrapped in a bag. I believe these could be recycled at larger supermarkets, but I’m not 100% sure. However, compared to the old style packing which used a lot of styrofoam I was impressed.

Putting the hoover together was simple. It came mostly complete, all that needed doing was the handle being slotted into place. While the tools could then be placed into clips on the back of the Hoover so they are always close to hand.

In Use

Using it is simple, there is a single on / off switch, next to a button that turns on and off the roller bar. While on the base features a bar that can be slid back and forth depending on if you are hoovering carpet or hard floor.

If you are wanting to use the accessories, everything is attached via a sturdy clip like feature. Which you simply press and then slide the accessory on or off. I found this a much better way to work things compared to other makes I have tried.

When it comes to manoeuvering, the 80-degree swivel allows for easy access around furniture, while you can easily get close up to walls and edges.

Overall, I am really impressed with the Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner.

The Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner normally comes in at £189.00, however right now if you head over to the Hoover website it comes in at just £125.

What do you think of the sound of the Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner would it be good for your home?

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Hoover Upright 300 Vacuum Cleaner is a lightweight, steerable vacuum that helps remove allergens from the home. Read more in this review.

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