Parliament Relaunches Test and Trace on Estate Amid Rising Cases

Parliament Relaunches Test and Trace on Estate Amid Rising Cases

An abundance of caution or hypochondria, depending on your view, saw the parliamentary authorities warning staffers of rising cases across the estate ealier this month. The authorities once again raised the Covid alarm last night, and asked anyone on the estate who tests positive from today until Easter recess to report their result with the estate team. The full statement reads:

“Dear colleagues,

We communicated last week on the increasing case rates being seen in England and the expectation that this would also be seen on the estate. As expected cases have risen and whilst these are largely mild thanks to the effectiveness of the vaccine we also know that some members of our community are at increased risk.

To help support our continued response, anyone who tests positive from today through until Easter recess, is asked to report their positive result to [XXXX]. This will allow a more accurate picture of cases on the estate to be developed, helping to ensure we are taking all steps possible to protect those in the parliamentary community. Those receiving a positive test result are still requested to directly contact anyone they may have had close contact with. The Parliamentary test and trace team can help with this where individuals wish to remain anonymous, or where they do not hold contact details for those they had close contact with.”

Every day is groundhog day…

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