FreshWipes Antibacterial Body Wipes Review

PR Sample – I was sent two packs of FreshWipes Antibacterial Body Wipes to help with writing this post.

I’ve spoken before about my physical health struggles from the pain of fibromyalgia to the fatigue of ME. For a long time, I struggled with getting washed. In fact, prior to having the wetroom installed around a year and a half ago, the OT had me on sponge wash only.

Sometimes it is a hard place to be, wanting more than anything to just be clean. Yet knowing that doing so will leave you fatigued and out of energy for the rest of the day at least.

Over the years, I have tried many wipes and even shampoo hats to try and make myself feel fresher on days when I just cannot cope. I have worked out that not all wipes are the same and some really don’t do the job. So when FreshWipes got in touch and asked me to try out their wipes I was interested to see what they were like.


FreshWipes Antibacterial Body Wipes Coconut and grapefruit

FreshWipes was set up in 2020 by Liz and was originally called SwetWipes. Liz had been working as a medical rep selling antiseptic solutions to hospitals when she noticed there was a need for a product that not only removed odour and helped people feel fresher but also reduced bacteria on the skin.

Liz felt that her version of the adult body wipe had to be environmentally friendly. Thus she made sure they are biodegradable and plastic-free. Each wipe begins to decompose within 30-45 days if buried in the soil or placed in a compost pile. What’s more, the outer packaging is made from recycled materials.

FreshWipes contain Chlorhexidine, which is a disinfectant and antiseptic used for the body. This can help remove both the bacterial and protein elements in sweat to leave you feeling fresher.

At the moment FreshWipes comes in two different fragrance options. However, this is likely to be expanded upon, with a fragrance-free version also due out in April.

My Thoughts on FreshWipes

Over the years I’ve tried many adult body wipes. I’ve seen the good and the bad. Believe me when I tell you some fall apart and some make you feel like you have smeared the odour you are trying to remove all over yourself. It is awful to just want to feel fresh and just not be able to.

So I went into trying out FreshWipes with a bit of an open mind. This could go either way.

However, from the start my thoughts on FreshWipes were positive.

The wipe itself is thick and large (in fact it comes in at 30x20cm, which is almost A4 sized. The scent of both options are fresh and not overpowering.

FreshWipes Antibacterial Body Wipes grapefruit and coconut

Just a singular wipe is big enough to cleanse your body from top to bottom and due to its thick nature, it doesn’t start to fall apart. They also don’t leave you feeling as though you are just pushing grim and odour around your body. You really do feel as though you are fresh from a wash after use.

To me, the feeling after is a big thing. Feeling as though you are fresh and ready for the day is a big thing. Having a wipe to turn to when you can’t face a proper wash can make you feel so much better in yourself.

For me, FreshWipes tick all the boxes, from usage to how you feel after. Which in turn makes me feel more confident and comfortable.

These will definitely become something I buy and keep around the home for those days when I just need to freshen up but don’t feel well enough to tackle the shower.

Of course, FreshWipes also have a number of other uses. Including, packing in hospital bags, using postoperatively, taking on camping trips and even being used by HGV drivers.

FreshWipes come in at £5.99 for a pack of 12 wipes, however, discounts are available on larger orders. If you would like to buy them or find out more check out the FreshWipes website. While they are also available to buy via a number of other retailers such as Amazon (affiliate link) where I’ve just found them on subscribe and save and signed up.

What do you think of the sound of FreshWipes? Could they be useful for you?


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FreshWipes Body Wipes offer an antibacterial, biodegradable option for people who are looking for an adult body wipe.

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