Mail Plus Ditches Crick – Guido Fawkes

Mail Plus Ditches Crick

Big changes afoot over Northcliffe House as Mail+ – the online branch of the Daily Mail definitely not to be confused with the Mail Online – makes some major changes amid a funding crunch. Guido learns that Michael Crick has gone along with most of their video team being made redundant last month. Editor Gordon Thompson has also left, supposedly of his own accord. Clearly Lord Rothermere, like Guido, is unable to figure out how to make news-focused video content commercially viable…

The Mail mole who alerted Guido to the Mail’s de-Cricking also said that, amid rumours of a £20 million loss, Andrew Pierce and Sarah Vine are also facing the loss of their podcasts. No doubt they’l be relieved not to do them…

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