David Warburton Drops Plans to Return to Parliament – Guido Fawkes

David Warburton Drops Plans to Return to Parliament

Yesterday’s Tory MP arrest rather distracted the Westminster Village from its previous scandal involving David Warburton. The last update we got was from the Somerset MP himself via his website, bemoaning how difficult and trying a time it has been for him and his family; noting he is unaware as to whether an investigation has been launched; and thanking constituents, friends and fellow MPs for supposed support. It was the line about his plans to return to Parliament that raise eyebrows the most though…

“I look forward to be able to return fully to Parliament when it reconvenes.”

Well, over a week on from the state opening and Guido had been hard-pressed to find any proof of the MP’s return. Repeated requests for comment from his office staff were ignored. Until today, when one pointed out the line about him returning to parliament has been taken out of his website’s update…

That’s one fewer headache for the whips office at least…

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